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#1 von admin ( gelöscht ) , 20.02.2011 13:53

After a period of time a „registered user“ can become a „main member“ if:

1. the member involves him or herself actively (with contributions like photos, comments on photos, links or other comments i. e. in the history corner) in the forum community and obviously wants to take part.

2. the member has to contact the moderation team via PN, which then deliberates if this member shows a real interest to be a part of the secured forum as a main member.

If you are interested in being a main member, please contact the moderation team via PN.

Please note that the following rules are valid for the main membership:

1. A person who becomes an accredited main member has to introduce him or herself to the other members close to the point of accreditation.

2. The main members are in close personal contact. That means that you need to take active and regular part in the forum.

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