RE: Drawing Knut

#16 von Gelöschtes Mitglied , 26.07.2009 17:33

Dear Raccoonkim,

thank you so much for the Pandabears! I :heart: Pandabears :clap: :clap: :clap: ! I was very pleased!

Best wishes from munich!
Angelina :winkewinke: :winkewinke: :winkewinke:

RE: Drawing Knut

#17 von AdsBot [Google] ( gelöscht ) , 26.07.2009 20:54

Hello Raccoonkim :winkewinke:

Wow, what a surprise! Many, thank you which you thought also of me… you are a genius :top: :top:
Your talent is a valuable gift :top:
1000 en Thanks !!

an Greetings from Switzerland :winkewinke:

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RE: Drawing Knut

#18 von ConnyHH , 28.07.2009 08:41

Dear Raccoonkim,

it's unbelievable what lovely, marvelous, beautiful and fantastic drawing pics you makes.
I am really speechless… thank you for showing us here into the knutitis-forum :!: :!: :!:

Many greetings and bear hugs :heart:


Conny Hamburg :winkewinke:

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RE: Drawing Knut

#19 von Goldammer ( gelöscht ) , 28.07.2009 20:19

Dear Racoonkim,

I just noticed your skilfull lovely drawings, and I adore them! Do you do this professionally? The pictures are great :boohoo: !



RE: Drawing Knut

#20 von Doro , 14.08.2009 21:41

My dear raccoonkim,

Since I'm not very active in this forum any more I only saw your name more or less by chance, but I'm sooo pleased to meet you here again! I remember your amazing drawings from RBB, and I missed them. In the old days I was terribly impressed - and I still am. Please please give us more examples of your extraordinary talent! You're simply WOW :clap: :clap: :clap:

Knuti hugs :heart: from

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RE: Drawing Knut

#21 von Christina_M ( gelöscht ) , 14.08.2009 22:58

Dear Kim,

I just looked through all the pages of your drawings and they are so adorable!!! Your Knutis are so cute and fluffy! :heart:

You are a really really talented artist!!!!! :clap:

Lots of greetings




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