Polar Bear Olympic Winter Games 2018

#1 von Mervi , 11.02.2018 18:26

10.2.2018 by Mervi

Now that the Olympic Games in PyeongChang have started I thought this would be a perfect time for some flash backs to our polar bears' own games during the years.

In Vancouver 2010 Germany had a very special representant - Herr Knut aus Berlin.

In Sotshi 2014 there were many traditional disciplines but also many new.

The Russians have always been winners in ice dancing so, naturally, Tonja and Wolodja won the gold medail. Well, in these games everybear gets a medail. No bear has to risk being disqualified because of doping - there's no need to cheat because everybear is a winner! :-)

There were some funny incidents, too. A kosack was dancing on the downhill track. However, Uncle Sergej mastered the unexpected situation very well.

PyeongChang 2018

Even though Ranzo lives in Austria now he wants to be a member of the Team Finland. He's acting as a defender but also as a forward when needed. Who wants to challenge Finland on the ice??? :-) Of course, Ranzo is participating even in the Polar Bear Olympics!

Sisu had decided to take it very easy and just enjoy the games .....

.... but when he noticed Quintana among the spectators he just had to show her he's not 'coach potato'. I must admit he has a great style!

Among the new disciplines I can mention treasure hunting in ice cold water. Oh bear, is the white mascot going to kick Sisu's boomsie ..... :-)

Rolling a big ball in the snow requires lots of power and energy. Quintana has been an excellent bearsonal trainer for Sisu. She gives him all the energy needed. As we know Miss Quintana is also called Miss Duracell!

The Olympic fire has been travelling via every zoo in the world and now Sisu carried it to the ski jumping arena for the opening ceremony.

The special Polar Bear Olympic rings

It's been a tough time for Sisu so now he needs a well deserved nap before it's time for Nordic skiing, ski jumping, biathlon, ice hockey and all the other exciting events.

Semper Knut!

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RE: Polar Bear Olympic Winter Games 2018

#2 von Nordlandfan38 , 11.02.2018 19:33

Hallo Mervi!

Auf was für grandiose Ideen Du immer so kommst! Und erst recht jetzt die eigene Eisbär-Olympiade - quer durch die Jahre!
Einfach bewundernswert, was Du uns da wieder mit einzigartigen Collagen gezaubert hast! . Ich kann meine Eindrücke gar nicht so gut in Worte fassen, wie ich es gern möchte.
Hab recht herzlichen Dank für diese tollen Arbeiten, die natürlich viel Zeit in Anspruch genommen haben! Ich habe sie mir schon mehrmals mit Vergnügen angesehen!


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RE: Polar Bear Olympic Winter Games 2018

#3 von Inge aus Kopenhagen , 11.02.2018 22:15

Dear Mervi, wonderful collages with charming comments.
Thanks a lot.
Hugs Inge

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RE: Polar Bear Olympic Winter Games 2018

#4 von Monika aus Berlin , 11.02.2018 23:17

Liebe Mervi,

ich habe ja bereits in KWM etwas zur Bären-Olympiade geschrieben.

Super bärige Olympia Story


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