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Hallo Ihr Lieben,

Patricia hat mich gebeten Ihren Berlin-Bericht - sowie die Links zu den dazugehörigen Bildern - hier bei uns einzustellen. Der Bitte komme ich natürlich sehr sehr gerne nach.
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Viel Spass dabei. :heart: :boohoo: :top:

Knut and the 10th visit [/size]

And so, again, I grabbed my packs, kissed all cats “auf Wiedersehen”,
closed the door and went to Leuven Station to catch my train to Berlin.
While waiting for my train, I was thinking about my first travel and
realized that nothing with regard to the expectations and the coming joy
has changed. And again, when my train was leaving Leuven station, I was
silently saying “Knut, here I come”. During the hours on the train, I was
enjoying the changing landscape and recognizing most parts from former
visits and waiting for them to see them again. As you all know, I am
Belgian and I adore my little fatherland, but for me, there is nothing more
interesting than the German landscape in all its variations. The first
times, I was simply undergoing the views and experiences, but now that I
have met quite a lot of German friends who told me about Germany, the land,
the people, the history and the landscapes, I am able to put a name to the
places (na ja, more or less). But nevertheless, I cannot help it but I am
always waiting to see the Porta Westfallica. When I saw it the first time,
I was impressed by its beauty, even there from its distant place from train
view. And it was only during my third visit that I learned the name. But
for me, it has right from the start been a token: I am coming closer to

And then, on September 2, 2010, I arrived in my hotel, checked-in, left my
luggage there and went straight to the Zoo. OH JEE, when I arrived there, I
saw that there were kind of construction works going on at the head office
and because I had to renew my annual ticket, I was not very sure whether it
was open. At that moment, I saw the director and thought by myself: Hey
well, at least, he will be able to tell me where to go. So I went straight
to him and asked whether the office was still there or not. First there was
a little glaze in his eyes (most probably he was thinking; what kind of
“rare snijboon” is this???), but he kindly explained me where to go.

After renewing my annual ticket, I came across the elephants and Victor is
an impressing male. When I arrived at Knuti’s enclosure, I immediately saw
Bea (na well, Bea saw me first, as I did not wear my glasses, I am becoming
old, you know!!!). And there he was, adorable young Knut: very relaxed.
After a while, it started to rain heavily but we decided to stay in an
attempt to pay respect to all photo aunties who are doing to same for us to
bring us updated pics in whatever kind of weather. Shortly thereafter, the
most beloved person by all bears, wolves and other inhabitants of the
Barenrevier arrived. Yes indeed, Mommy Gudrun!!!! Of course, it was my
pleasure, but I am convinced that it was even a bigger pleasure for the
bears to see her (because they know !!!!). After a few hours, Bea and I
noticed how hungry we were and therefore left to Zoo, went to our hotel and
then straight to our preferred restaurant where we had a delicious meal.
Then going back to the hotel, and after taking a good warm bath, I could
barely keep my eyes open and went to bed early.

The next morning, on Friday, September 3, on our way to the Zoo, Bea
informed me about a shorter way, via Kranzler Ecke. And while we were
walking there, we remembered that Christina once posted pics of that place
and it goes without saying that we both enjoyed this discovery. Message to
all non-Berliners: if ever you have the chance, you leave Ku’Dam at the
first street left after Hotel am Zoo. It is small but more than worth a
visit. Not only because it is a quiet place, but most of all, because of
the birds.

And from now on, a few flash-backs of my visit. I hope that you will
understand that there have again been so many experiences, impressions and
fun that it is becoming impossible to bring them in a chronological order:

At a certain moment at the enclosure of the Grandes Dames, there were a few
young girls watching the Ladies with a lot of AAAHHs and OOOHs and HOW CUTE
and so forth. But all of a sudden, one of them started to scream: a
MOUSE!!!!! Na ja, very dangerous predator there in Zoo Berlin and they are
running freely around. Luckily that so far nobody has been attacked or
eaten by them. By the way, I think that this little mouse was more hungry
than the Ladies. And another anecdote: the Ladies seemed not to be very
hungry and as Mrs. Weckert told us: according to one of the visitors this
might be due to the fact that they have it a bit cold!!! Yes, most probably
that must have been the cause.

Little Devi made me feel sad: she is there all alone and there is nothing
left of her joyful playing and messing around spirit. I truly hope that
soon there comes a good solution and that soon she will become again the
same rascal and little wild devil.

The warthogs are in all their ugliness pretty and especially the young
ones: real punkers!!!

At a certain moment, I found an automat where one can make a Knut medal
(or a gorilla one). While I was trying to decipher how that machine was
working, people arrived there and wanted to do the same. So I waited to see
how they managed it, but unfortunately, we apparently needed each others
help. Na, the lady wanted to have such medal but could not make up her
mind: would it be Knut or the gorilla? Since it was only 3 o’clock in the
afternoon, I told her to take her time: Zoo is only closing at 7.00!!!
Finally, she decided it would become a Knut medal and so I knew what I had
to do to obtain the same!!!

Patrizia of Italy was there too and brought lots of goodies for Knut, which
were eaten in less than no time. OH MY, this young fellow is having good
appetite. And during the two feedings that I could attend, I always had to
think about Simone’s words: a fish looks soooo big in the hands of the
keeper and sooo small once it arrives in Knuti’s mouth. Well, I think that
this brings everything back to the correct perspective (especially from
Knuti’s point of view: it is all tooo small). Did I already say that he is
adorable? No?? Well, then hereby I say it: he is ADORABLE!!! And he is
pretty and it is a great pleasure to watch him, even if he is there lazily
laying or rolling around or sleeping. Believe me, when it is not raining
cats and dogs, it is pure joy to simply watch him (but if it is raining
cats and dogs, you simply become tooo wet).

On the basis of all the information I found in the different blogs, I tried
to visit as much as possible the other animals. And I realized that
Saturday is also for the animals Big Bath Day: when I passed by one of the
enclosure, the mommies started to wash the babies (but why do I have the
feeling that the little ones were not so charmed by that, well maybe
because I was looking – I know, very indiscrete of me!!!).

Funny detail of another aspect: on Saturday evening, after having my bath
and going to my bed, I closed the curtains and while doing so, I noticed
that in the hotel room opposite mine, there was a “little striptease on the
floor”. Well, by closing the curtains, I wished them all fun and hope that
they have enjoyed it. And during my stay in the hotel, Bea explained me a
very important thing. In the hallway, I noticed that there was quite a
strange machine with lots of brushes and I always wondered what kind of
thing this was. So I asked Bea whether this was a sort of vacuum cleaner or
so. No no, no vacuum cleaner but a shoe brush/polisher. Needless to say
that she got a prompt hick-up!!!! I am sometimes soo smart, no??, but only
sometimes and certainly not every day.

One of the things that I decided to attend this time was the feeding of
BaoBao because I already heard so much about it. And yes, the old man is
not only very cute, but is eating with such good manners. Bea and I arrived
in time to make sure that we were having a good place to watch everything.
And during the feeding, there were some people blowing in my neck that they
could not see so much. But at that moment, I decided that they all could
run to hell. I remember from previous times during Knuti’s feedings that I
heard little children crying that they could see nothing and I was one of
the very very few who gave my place to them. Which reminds me of another
situation on Saturday at Knuti’s enclosure. We were waiting for the feeding
and as we all know, Mervi is just the same little patat as me and she was
not having the best place for watching. So, I called her to come next to me
(but beware the boomsie!!). At the very same moment, there was a lady
coming and claiming that place, but I said NO, my friend is going to have
this spot. I know that this was very bold of me but later I learned that
she did the same at other places. So, I do not feel guilty any longer.

During one of my numerous walks, I saw mini-nili and believe me, he/she is
keeping a good eye on the goose and is keeping her/his distance and vice
versa. And MAMMA MIA, Mommy Kati is extremely protective towards her baby.
If ever one of the bigger examples is coming too close, they have known
it!!! Funny detail, on Saturday, when the two young girls were at the outer
enclosure, the male Nyala came and chased them away and believe it or not,
they ran away!!

I also saw the three tapirs together (Ronja, Maya and Pablo) and as long as
Ronja is around, Maya is more or less relaxed, but OH JEE, if mammy moves
or Pablo, Maya is becoming nervous and starts to wander around while making
little “PIEP”s. Funny noise for such an animal. One is expecting a deeper

And of course, a visit to the Children’s Zoo could not be overlooked or
ignored and so I also paid a visit to Toutou de Toulouse. The little houses
for the guinea pigs are extremely cute, there is even a cathedral!!!

At a certain moment, I arrived at the enclosure of the Andes flamingos and
there is also a young one. Very busy til the moment that it slipped and
fell into the puddle. HIHIHIHI, simply ridiculous, it was first slipping on
his nose and then fell on his belly and then making all efforts on earth to
get back on the legs again. OK, I admit, I should not laugh with this
embarrassing event, but it was soo funny.

In Kruemel’s enclosure, I could watch the “Clash of the Titans”: two little
mice fighting, but unfortunately way too fast for me to make pics of that.

I also went to the Nocturnal House and tried to make pics (all blurry!!!).
The aardvarks (ant bears) were busy with tralalala, well at least the male
part was very interested, but I am afraid that the female was suffering of
an instant headache or so. She was definitely not so enthusiast. The plump
lories are cute as ever and showing good appetite. And the young fenneks
were playing like mad (way too fast for me to take a decent pic). And
meanwhile I could hear Aru protesting against the fact that he was not
allowed to go to Aketi. I also learned that she gave birth to two male
cubs, but again – for one reason or another – cannot take care of them.
This time, it has been decided to bottle-feed them. So, I am crossing my
fingers that all goes well. On Friday, there were not so many visitors (at
least not during the morning) and it is such a heavenly feeling to just
walk around in the Zoo and simply watch the animals. Actually when I came
home and looked at all my photos, I realized that I often forgot to take
pics of them.

During my visit, I noticed that a lot of works started to clean up the Zoo
and the enclosures and to prepare everything for Winter. And while looking
at it, I think that this also must be a very big job.

And of course, there were the sparrows of Berlin. And as usual, I loved to
see them, these little birds who claim nothing but their simply being.

And again, I met a lot of persons, who became very dear to me and I met new
people (what brought a lot of joy to me: Hello Patrizia, Sylvia, Monika,
Babs and Goldammer) and I hope that next time, I will all meet you again.

I am afraid that I forgot now to tell about another billion things, for
example a few good lessons in taking photos (by Christina – and lesson
Number One: make sure that Miezehumpf is not standing in my way, hihihihi);
or about the idiot who took pics of the gorillas with his flash on. Man
man, Ivo went ballistic. I really hope that the glass shield is very strong
because I never want to have a close encounter with a furious Ivo. And if
ever in such case, I know for sure that I will immediately point in the
direction of the one who did it.

On my way back home, I realized that 10 visits is far from sufficient and I
am still discovering new corners or just doesn’t have the time to visit all
places I know so far. So, if all goes well, I will come back in April 2011,
however, I do not know whether I can wait so long. But one thing is for
sure: Luisa and Ralph, I hope that in April we can walk again through Zoo

When I arrived home, I was a bit sad that it was over again, but when I saw
how happy my cats were with my home-coming, I also know: HOME SWEET HOME.

But Dear All, it was such a pleasure in meeting you all again.

Patricia Roberts

[size=150]Photos - please click here: ... good-times ... good-times

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RE: PatriciaR.: Berlin Report and Pics from September 2010

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Dear Patricia,

thank you so much for your great Zooreport and the pictures! :supi: :top: :clap:

Best wishes
Angela :winkewinke: :winkewinke: :winkewinke:

RE: PatriciaR.: Berlin Report and Pics from September 2010

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Dear Patricia

thank you so much for bringing back the wonderfull weekend in the zoo and also in the city.
We had a great time together.

Thank you for the heartwarming report and the lovely pics. :clap: :clap: :clap:

Many hugs from

Bea :winkewinke:


RE: PatriciaR.: Berlin Report and Pics from September 2010

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Hello dear Patricia,

again I envy your fluent English.
And your report is reading like a lovely story!
It was so nice to meet you and I will be happy to find your entries in "Knutitis" as constantly as I loved to read them in the RBB-blog!

You are so right about the sparrows of Berlin: they are all around and everywhere ;-)

Dearest greetings
Goldammer (Goldie)



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