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#1 von Gitta , 01.07.2012 20:09

PatriciaRoberts hat den sehr interessanten Tierpark Planckendeal in Belgien besichtigt.

Über ihren Besuch hat sie einen sehr informativen Artikel geschrieben und sehr schöne Bilder gemacht.
Sie hat mich gebeten, sie für euch einzustellen.

Dear Patricia, I've read your report with much interest. I love the big enclosures.
Great to see an Indian village. :top:
It woud be nice to read more. I cross fingers that you will be able to go there in August. :daumendrueck:

Hier ist der Artikel und ein Link zu den Bildern. :winkewinke:

Elephant Fever in Planckendael

As from June 29, 2012, the public could finally visit the brand new elephant enclosure in Planckendael and like a lot of Belgians, I too was curious to see it and also to finally meet Kai Mook for the first time. And therefore, on Friday, I went to the station of Leuven to buy a combi-ticket (train and entrance card). Since prices are pending on the age, the lady asked me how old I was and I replied: a little more than 16.
And so, this morning, with lovely sunny weather and a gentle breeze, I was off to my way to Planckendael. After leaving the station of Muizen, I had a nice walk through fields, meadows, a train tunnel and you won’t believe it: but I found the entrance gate. Normal opening hour of Planckendael is 10:00 a.m., but I was already there at 9:30 a.m., so I asked whether I was allowed to come in. Of course, HEY!! Here we are in Belgium and rules are there to be interpreted in your own manner. Very nice anecdote; when I asked the person at the entrance whether Lola was already coming out, he immediately called the keeper for further information and wished me “good luck”. Unfortunately, I have to warn you all in advance that my pics are nothing special (camera is getting old and so is its owner, I am afraid).
Right from entering Planckendael, it is immediately more than obvious that Kai Mook & Co are the topic of the day. And so, I went straight to their new enclosure. And let me tell you one thing in advance: IT IS HUGE!!!! During the day, I heard people complaining that it is soo big that they cannot find the elephants. As I already told in my former reports of Planckendael, they make a lot of efforts to give the visitors lots of information, and not only about the animals, but also about their natural habitat and the people living in it. For example, around the enclosure, an Indian village has been reconstructed and according to my information, everything was made/built in situ and then brought to Planckendael. It is really impressing and I walked and walked and watched and read everything. Apart from Phyo Phyo, the other elephants still need some more time to feel more secured about their new enclosure but I am quite confident that very soon, they all will just love it. Another good thing is that these animals do have the choice to go where they want, inside their stable or outside to the enclosure (and also during the nights).
Another dream of me was to see Lola and her two babies, but alas, that did not work. I think that today I am about the only person who even saw Lola and that only for a few seconds (just enough to take 3 pics of her). I went back regularly to check whether I would have some more good luck, but in vain. However, while standing there, I realized that certain parents should be forbidden to raise their children, especially because of the nonsense they are telling their kids. Example: mother and two kids were entering the view point of the snow leopards’ enclosure. O JA, here are the snow leopards, but mommy, we see nothing. Ai Nei, indeed, maybe she is gone, but look here: here you have a good pic of “the kind of tiger you can expect to see here”. I immediately left because that was too painful for my ears.
And then, there was the surprise of the red pandas. A keeper told me that they are having a baby but that mother does not show it and even does not come out. Well, a few minutes after he left, I saw her with her baby in the grass, washing it and later bringing it back inside (made some pics of it, all blurry and you will need some fantasy but the white spot on the pics is the baby).
It was also a great pleasure to meet again the old stork pair (the ones that can no longer fly and raised their kid on the ground – I made pics of that last year). And again, I discovered new details and animals. For example, Neela, the baby camel is very funny.
It was not a big tour today and therefore, I hope to be able to go back somewhere in August.
And here is the link to my pics: ... s&start=48

:winkewinke: :winkewinke: :winkewinke:


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RE: PatriciaRoberts: Tierpark Planckendeal in Belgien

#2 von BEA ( gelöscht ) , 01.07.2012 20:37

Dear Patricia :heart:

Thank you so much for your very interesting report from Planckendael.
Kai Mook ist a big elephant girl now. Remeber our plans to visit her when she was a baby :oops:

I enjoy every single photo of your album. Planckendael is such a nice place.

Thank you for sharing your day in Planckendael with us

Bea :winkewinke:


RE: PatriciaRoberts: Tierpark Planckendeal in Belgien

#3 von Monika aus Berlin , 01.07.2012 20:41

Hallo Patricia,

ich habe Deinen Artikel und die wirklich schönen Fotos schon bei KWM gesehen. Es dauerte zwar ein bißchen länger, weil ich erst den Translator einschalten musste, abr es hat sich gelohnt.
Danke für das Album und den informativen Bericht, und dass er auch hier bei der knutitis zu finden ist.

Danke auch an Gitta für`s Einstellen. Gutes Teamwork. :clap:


Monika aus Berlin
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RE: PatriciaRoberts: Tierpark Planckendeal in Belgien

#4 von Frans , 01.07.2012 21:33

Dank je wel, Patricia! Mooie beelden en een interessant verslag!
Daar moet ik beslist eens heen (maar wel na de vakantie) :D .

Hartelijke groet,

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RE: PatriciaRoberts: Tierpark Planckendeal in Belgien

#5 von AdsBot [Google] ( gelöscht ) , 02.07.2012 10:15

Hallo Patricia, :winkewinke:
danke für Deinen sehr interessanten Bericht und die sehr schönen Fotos.
Hallo Gitta, :winkewinke: danke fürs einstellen. Gute Teamarbeit. :clap:

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RE: PatriciaRoberts: Tierpark Planckendeal in Belgien

#6 von Violetta , 02.07.2012 16:41

Dear Patricia

This is a very interesting story about this wonderful zoo and they have even Koalas! In my entire life I have never seen a Koala-Bear.
I hope you can visit again very soon this beautiful place.

Thank you for the nice pictures and your report.



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RE: PatriciaRoberts: Tierpark Planckendeal in Belgien

#7 von Gelöschtes Mitglied , 02.07.2012 18:47

Hallo Patricia

dank Mr. Google und dem Translator konnte ich Deinen Bericht lesen.
Deine Fotos sind mit der alten Kamera gut geworden.
Den weißen Fleck im Gras habe ich gefunden :lol:
Lola ist sehr hübsch, mir gefallen auch die grünen Elefanten :lol:
Danke für Deinen Bericht und die Fotos,

Hello Patricia

Thanks to Mr. Google Translator and I could read your report.
Your pictures turned out well with the old camera.
The white spot in the grass I have found: lol:
Lola is very pretty, I like the green elephant: lol:
Thank you for your report and pictures,

:winkewinke: :winkewinke:

RE: PatriciaRoberts: Tierpark Planckendeal in Belgien

#8 von GiselaH , 02.07.2012 19:46

Liebe Patricia,

dein Bericht über den Besuch in Planckendeal ist so interessant, dass ich vergessen habe, den Translater zu benutzen. Das Lesen hat ein bisschen länger gedauert und es hat sich gelohnt.

Der Tierpark scheint sehr schön zu sein. Ich finde die Idee mit den Booklets sehr schön. So etwas habe ich auch im Rostocker Zoo gesehen.
Die Elefantenanlage ist riesig und mir gefällt, dass man so viel für die Beschäftigung der Tiere tut.
Ich freue mich für dich, dass du die rote Pandabärin mit ihrem Kind gesehen hast. Koalabären habe ich übrigens auch noch nie im Original gesehen.


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