Nalle is prepared to meet lots of visitors

#1 von Mervi , 11.05.2017 14:59

Photos by Marko Junttila, Ranua Wildlife Park

Hello friends! It's me - your 'Nalle' reporting from Ranua. We still have lots of snow but it has started to melt - very slowly. I wonder if this is the last 'snowy report' for this season ....

First I will tell you what's going on in my home zoo.

In Ranua a very severe disease called 'polar bear feaver' is flourishing. :-) When my brother Ranzo was born the visitor record was beaten and now the zoo is expecting even more visitors.

Of course, this means good prophits not only for the zoo but also for the restaurants, hotels and shops in Ranua.

- Mama, rise and shine - it's a new lovely day! We mustn't waste it sleeping!

- Dear boy, of course, you're right but mama's so tired.

- Why are you tired? I'm not tired at all! Did you know our zoo is well prepared for the invasion of visitors. For instance members of a local sport club are taking care of the parking lot so everything will go smoothly and as many cars as possible will find a parking place. The zoo is also hiring extra season workers for the Summer - good news for young Ranua boys and girls looking for a Summer job.

- OK, a very good morning to you my son! Let's see how this day will be! We must be at our best when the visitors come. They love us and we must show them we love them, too!

- We can start with a little wrestling .....

- ..... and we can also have some mama-son talk.

- Mama, I have no name yet .... have you any idea what it will be?

- Dear son, the zoo has arranged a name competition. Your fans can suggest a suitable name for you.

Let's insert the link to

Even our fans abroad can vote! We know the result in the end of August!

- Oh bear, I'm already excited - although I like my nick name 'Nalle' very much! :-)

Well, talking is not nearly as fun as wrestling! :-)

As you can see the snow has started melting and the biggest stones aren't covered with it anymore. Well, we'll see if we get more snow .....

Mama is an expert digging holes in the snow. Next Winter I'm much bigger and stronger so we can arrange a snow digging championship!!

- OK, you won the wrestling championship! Why don't you go and check the trees now?

- The only green thing I found are these branches of fir.

- MAMA!!! No green leaves yet but I found something very interesting. The keepers must have left it here while we were sleeping.

- Poor trees are still naked - I hope they're not freezing!

- I wonder what this furry thing is .... it looks like a tail .... Oh bear, now I have my own 'teddybear'.

- I found this funny round thing, too!

- Dear boy, it's a car tyre and I believe it's a gift from your father.

- But mama, I have no car .... I don't even know wha a car is .....

- You can play with a tyre anyway. Your papa loves to play with tyres - I guess all the polar bear males love them ....

- Oh yeah, I'm a macho polar bear now!!!

I want to show you something else, too. Please, follow me!

This funny looking creature is an ermine. It's fur has turned white during the Winter time - only the tail remains black.

What a big ice berg it has in the enclosure! I guess it's the Mount Erminest!

He's almost as cute as I am don't you think? I must say the make-up looks fantastic!

This ermine hasn't turned totally white but it's a cutie pie, too!

The brownies are cute, too even though they're not white. Malla and Jemma are standing on the ground for a change. Usually they spend a lot of time climbing the trees and watching over our park.

Yes, this is definitely a very lovely face! What a beautiful, happy smile!

Last time I thought these white birds were flying polar bears but mama told me they are swans. Now I could see the beautiful birds swimming. In the background you can see even other Spring herolds.

I'm really looking forward to the day when the ice has melted in my pool and mama can teach me how to swim! Maybe I can tell you all about it in my next report .... but for the time being we can still enjoy the snow gliding! With this short video I wish all the readers of Knuti's Weekly a very happy Spring!

Greetings from your Nalle boy

Semper Knut!

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RE: Nalle is prepared to meet lots of visitors

#2 von GiselaH , 11.05.2017 19:23


ich habe mich sehr gefreut, wieder etwas über Nalle zu lesen und natürlich hat es sehr viel Freude gemacht.
Die Fotos von Marko Junttila sind großartig und du hast darauf eine schönen Geschichte gezaubert.

Lieber Nalle,

nun wird es wirklich Zeit, dass der Schnee schmilzt und du endlich erleben kannst, wie die Bäume grün werden.
Ich finde super, dass der Zoo sich so gut auf die vielen Menschen vorbereitet, die dich und deine Mama besuchen wollen.
Es wird dir bestimmt viel Spaß machen, deine Gäste zu beobachten und ihnen zu zeigen, wie schön du spielen und raufen kannst.
Ich freue mich, dass du einen eigenen "Kuschelteddy" bekommen hast.

Bestell´ doch bitte dem hübschen Hermelin und den Braunbären einen lieben Gruß von mir.

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RE: Nalle is prepared to meet lots of visitors

#3 von AndreaHamburg , 11.05.2017 21:22

Ich habe die bezaubernden Bilder und die entsprechende Geschichte schon auf Knutis Weekly gesehen und gelesen und mich wieder sehr über Nalles Nachrichten gefreut. Ich hoffe für ihn, dass der Schnee bald schmilzt und er endlich das langersehnte Grün kennenlernen wird. Dass die Besucher schon Schlange stehen, kann ich verstehen. Hoffentlich hören und sehen wir bald wieder etwas von Nalle.

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RE: Nalle is prepared to meet lots of visitors

#4 von ConnyHH , 14.05.2017 19:54

Liebe @Mervi
ich bin ganz hin und weg von dieser bezaBÄRnden Geschichte die Du zu den fantastischen Bildern von Marko Junttila geschrieben hast Ich finde es super, wie der Zoo sich auf den zu erwartenden Besucheransturm vorbereitet und für den kleinen 'Nalle' freue ich mich, wenn der viele Schnee endlich geschmolzen ist und er die Natur von einer anderen Seite kennenlernt. Seine Mama ist sehr geduldig mit ihm und lässt ihn spielerisch gewähren, wie man in dem Video sehen kann

Many thanks for sharing with us and a lot of cuddles & bear hugs.

Die Erinnerung ist ein Fenster durch das ich Dich sehen kann, wann immer ich will.

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RE: Nalle is prepared to meet lots of visitors

#5 von UrsulaL , 16.05.2017 15:39

Liebe Mervi,

ich habe lauter Herzchen in den Augen. Das sind fantastische Fotos, und Deine Geschichte dazu
ist wieder bezaubernd . Ich hoffe auch, dass der Schnee bald schmilzt und Nalle auch Gras unter seinen
Tatzen kennenlernt.
Die "Brownies" gefallen mir auch sehr .

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RE: Nalle is prepared to meet lots of visitors

#6 von Frans , 16.05.2017 18:18

Dear Mervi,
A wonderful story and even more wonderful pictures. Thank you very much!

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