Sisu's Christmas cards

#1 von Mervi , 23.12.2018 23:27

24.12.2018 by Sisu and Mervi

Terve! Hello! Hohoho! The Winter is my favourite time of the year and, of course, Christmas is the highlight of this very special season!

Mama and I want to look smashing so we started the day with an icy bath. I hope you're not freezing while admiring us in this picture. :-)

Of course, we're both thinking of my big brother Ranzo and his lovely girlfriend Nora. We are very happy knowing they are doing fine. Hopefully there will be snow in Vienna, too!

I ordered a nice card with Quintana and I think Mervi did a good job. Of course, it's impossible to do a bad job with a motive like this beautiful polar bear girl! I think I start dreaming again .....

Listening to Christmas carols is a nice tradition and lying on the soft snow makes it very cosy and relaxing.

Maybe you remember the 'second me'? Naturally, I have to wish a merry Christmas to him as well!

My Estonian friend Aron has made a lovely snowman and it looks like Santa has already visited him with lots of gifts. I wish him and his parents Friida and Nord a snowy Christmas!

Hope celebrates her first Christmas in Orsa. We haven't heard if Ewa is still in her den but we know that Wilbär is keeping Hope company. God jul till er alla i Orsa! I know some words in Swedish because my papa Manasse came from Sweden .....

Fiete and Snezana will have a Hungarian Christmas together with Auntie Zora.

Boldog Karácsonyt!

I'm sure the keepers and the visitors in the Rostock Zoo are very happy having polar bears again. Akiak, Noria and Sizzel make a wonderful trio and I wish them all 'Frohe Weihnachten'! In the card you can see the two girls.

Lovely Tonja has become a mother again so she and her cubbie will be spending the Christmas in their warm den. I wish them both all the best!

Of course, I haven't forgotten Lynn and her cubbie in Copenhagen so I wish my white friends in Dronningens By en gladelig jul.

Papa Wolodja is staying in the Berlin Zoo but I'm sure he knows something special has happened in the Tierpark. I'm glad to see he has got a Christmas tree!

Lady Katjuscha in Berlin must be everybody's favourite! My mama told me she's already 34 years old but this old girl is still going strong. I wish her a happy and peaceful Christmas!

I'm sad knowing Rostik has been moved to China. However, I hope he has a nice enclosure and loving keepers there. I wish him and his parent Gerda and Kai in Novosibirsk a happy Christmas time.

There are so many gorgeous polar bear friends all over the world - in the wild and in the zoos. I can't mention them all here but I sincerely wish each and everybear a very happy and merry Christmas.

Christmas is even time for nostalgie so let's not forget our friends that no longer are with us!

Here in Finland we all have a white Christmas this year! Hopefully many of you can admire dancing snow flakes, too.

People usually eat too much during the holidays so I recommend you all not to forget exercises out in the fresh air! You never know whom you will meet in the forest!!

Exercises are important but it's also very important to relax!


Yours bearily, Sisu - and his assistent Mervi

Semper Knut!

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RE: Sisu's Christmas cards

#2 von Monika aus Berlin , 24.12.2018 00:02

Liebe Mervi,

ich habe mir diese wunderschöne Weihnachtsseite mit all unseren lieben Eisbären gerade in KWM angeschaut.
Da hast Du gemeinsam mit Sisu eine tolle Idee gehabt. Und die Collagen sind auch wieder klasse.
Katjuscha mit Weihnachtsmütze gefällt mir sehr gut.

Und passend zur Weihnachtszeit lässt unsere Admine auch den Schnee wieder über diese Seiten rieseln. Danke.

Ich schließe mich Mervi und den Eisbären gerne an, und wünsche allen Mitgliedern und Lesern schöne Weihnachten


Monika aus Berlin
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RE: Sisu's Christmas cards

#3 von Rena , 24.12.2018 15:18

Liebe Mervi ,

weihnachtlicher Dank für die schöne Eisbär Collage und der schönen Geschichten. Dir wünsche ich ein schönes Weihnachtsfest und einen guten Start ins Neue Jahr.

Fröhliche Weihnachten
wünscht dir Rena

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RE: Sisu's Christmas cards

#4 von Birgit B , 24.12.2018 15:22

Liebe Mervi
sehr schön hast du es wieder gemacht
ja unsere Eisbären
lg Birgit

Birgit B
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RE: Sisu's Christmas cards

#5 von water , 26.12.2018 13:59

Liebe Mervi, so schöne und süße Eisbärenweihnachtskarten, vielen lieben Dank.

Und die Karte mit Lady Katjuscha gefällt mir besonders.

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RE: Sisu's Christmas cards

#6 von GiselaH , 26.12.2018 16:49

Fröhliche Weihnachten Sisu .
Lieben Dank an Mervi, die deine Weihnachtskarten so wunderbar gestaltet hat.

Bei uns fallen leider keine Flocken vom immel. Es regnet.
Aber egal, dann machen wir es uns drinnen schön und gemütlich

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RE: Sisu's Christmas cards

#7 von ConnyHH , 26.12.2018 19:28

Hallo liebe @Mervi

Wow.... Du hast wirklich ganz bezauBÄRnde Weihnachtskarten kreiert. Da ist ja eine schöner als die andere...

Ganz lieben Dank dafür und ich hoffe, Du hattest mit Vesa, Mimmi & Nalle ebenfalls wunderschöne Weihnachten.

Many bear hugs & cuddles.


Die Erinnerung ist ein Fenster durch das ich Dich sehen kann, wann immer ich will.

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RE: Sisu's Christmas cards

#8 von Nordlandfan38 , 26.12.2018 23:46

Hallo Mervi!

Was sind für wunderschöne Arbeiten - Collagen! Das kostet viel Mühe und man braucht enorme Fantasie, so was herzustellen! Das ist echt bewundernswert, was Du alles so auf vielfältige Weise gezaubert hast! Die Arbeiten sind einfach einzigartig! Du hast ne super tolle beneidenswerte Begabung!
Vielen Dank dafür, daß Du uns daran teilnehmen läßt!


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