A little Easter Parade 2019

#1 von Mervi , 19.04.2019 16:46

19.4.2019 by Mervi

I wish everybear, everybunny and everybody a Happy Easter. This time we have not only Easter bunnies but even some very cute Easter polar bears!

First Easter greetings come from this season's cubbies:

Hertha in Berlin have invited some chickens to her Easter party.

Gerda's twins in Novosibirsk have got cute company, too.

Doesn't Lynn's baby girl and the white bunny look very much alike?

Frimas and her twins - the merry family enjoys the birdies' singing.

This is the third Easter for Sisu, Quintana and Aron but the first without their mothers. I hope they will all have a happy Easter time anyway!

The Easter in Ranua is very white so Sisu's card goes in the Finnish colours - white and blue.

In Munich Quintana can already enjoy the green grass and even some flowers. Hopefully the bunny is cooking something very yammy ....

Aron's Easter greetings are sent from his pool. This lovely polar bear boy loves to play with his tube and admire the beautiful butterflies at the same time.


Semper Knut!

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RE: A little Easter Parade 2019

#2 von SpreewaldMarion , 19.04.2019 21:00

Das sind wunderschöne Collagen liebe Mervi


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RE: A little Easter Parade 2019

#3 von GiselaH , 20.04.2019 20:35

Schöne Ostern auch für dich, liebe Mervi.

Die Collagen mit den süßen Oster-Polarbären sind sehr, sehr niedlich.

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RE: A little Easter Parade 2019

#4 von Monika aus Berlin , 20.04.2019 23:41

Liebe Mervi,

ich habe ja Deine wunderschönen Oster-Collagen schon in KWM bewundert.

Ich schließe mich gerne Deinen guten Wünschen an und wünsche Dir, allen Mitgliedern und stillen Lesern dieses Forums schöne und sonnige Ostern.

Auch Tonja und ihre kleine Prinzessin Hertha lassen grüßen


Monika aus Berlin
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RE: A little Easter Parade 2019

#5 von water , 23.04.2019 12:12

Danke Mervi für die Osterbilder rund um die Polarbärchen. Sehr schön.

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RE: A little Easter Parade 2019

#6 von AndreaHamburg , 23.04.2019 17:40

Eine tolle Easter-Eisbärkinder-Parade mit vielen schönen Bildern unserer Kleinen

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RE: A little Easter Parade 2019

#7 von UrsulaL , 25.04.2019 11:15

Liebe Mervi, vielen Dank für die schöne Osterparade mit den vielen niedlichen Eisbärenkindern.

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RE: A little Easter Parade 2019

#8 von ConnyHH , 28.04.2019 17:52

Dear @Mervi

If Easter is already a week away, I would like to thank you very much for the beautiful polar bear children's collages.
They've become really great.

Many cuddles from Conny

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