Sisu's Adventgrüsse

#1 von Mervi , 29.11.2019 15:34

29.11.2019 by Mervi

Terve! Hello! Dear readers, it's your Sisu writing a special Advent newsletter to you.

I wanted to do something special this Advent and suddenly I got a splendid idea. I would visit my pal Aron in Tallinn! Being a guy of action I didn't let the snow melt under my paws but took a train to Helsinki and then a ferry to Tallinn.

Aron and I are both very sporty bears so we have a lot in common. I've been worried about the Finnish javelin throwers - they're not as good as they used to be. Magnus Kirt is the best in the world in this discipline for the time being. He's Estonian so I hoped Aron could reveal some 'Estonian secrets' ....

Well, we both know we're the champions in throwing all kinds of things so we had a nice time in Aron's pool!

There are many pictoresque streets in Tallinn so, naturally, Aron wanted to show me some of them. We wanted to make sure we wouldn't get bored so we took some toys with us.

Walking without toys was also very nice! We were talking about Aron's big sister Nora and my big brother Ranzo who have become happy parents of a sweet cubbie. Imagine, we are uncles now!! We decided to send a nice toy to our nephew or niece ....

We got thirsty and found a nice café but we were very, very surprised that the two legged creatures went in instead of enjoying the fresh air outdoors! The tables were covered with newly fallen snow .... perfect in our opinion but once again we noticed that the humans are a very odd species!

Because the service in the café wasn't good at all we continued to a Christmas Market. It was a very cosy place with all kinds of food and beveridges. Well, glögg may be good but there's nothing that compare to a frozen salmon! Luckily Aron had taken one in his rucksack and since he's a real gentlebear he let me take the first bite.

We had a good time together but I had to travel back to Ranua. I'm sure the keepers were wondering where I've been hiding, hihihii .... :-)

Everything looks so beautiful now that we have lots of snow. Let's enjoy the Winter but, please, don't forget our small feathered friends. They need your help because it's difficult to find food during the Winter time.

Sometimes I feel like a bearson in a fairy tale book - especially when I meet cute bambis!

Even our lynx is admiring the magic of the Advent time.

This is how the 'blue hour' looks in Ranua. There isn't much traffic so it's very peaceful to take a walk and just listen to the silence.

I wish all the readers and reporters of Knuti's Weekly a very happy Advent time!

Yours bearily, Sisu

Semper Knut!

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RE: Sisu's Adventgrüsse

#2 von SpreewaldMarion , 29.11.2019 17:41

Das sind wunderschöne Collagen liebe Mervi


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RE: Sisu's Adventgrüsse

#3 von GiselaH , 29.11.2019 19:45

Many thanks for the verry nice poal-bear-story.
I´m sure, Aron was very happy about the visit of Sisu.
The two bears have spent a good time together.
Many hanks for the wonderful collages.

I wish you and of course Sisu a wonderful Advent season .

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RE: Sisu's Adventgrüsse

#4 von Monika aus Berlin , 30.11.2019 00:21

Liebe Mervi,

da hast Du ja wieder ganz süße Collagen gebastelt.
Ich werde später noch in KWM vorbeikommen und mir die Fotos noch einmal ganz in Ruhe ansehen.


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